Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

An open face motorcycle helmet is not a legal option in New Zealand. While it might be tempting to go for a slammed open face helmet nz, it is a risky move because it will increase wind noise and weight. And even though most Kiwis don’t wear helmets that are completely open to the air, it’s important to understand the legality of these items before you buy them. That’s important, because if you do get into an accident, you’ll need to explain the reason why you chose an open face helmet.

 Is it Legal?

One of the major advantages of open face helmets is that they look and feel cooler, and they allow the rider to smoke, scratch their face, and poke their tongue out at motorists. They are also more comfortable to wear, as they don’t obstruct peripheral vision and may be less cumbersome. Some open face helmets even have flip-down visors to allow the rider to see better without taking off the helmet.

If you’re thinking of buying an open face motorcycle helmet, make sure to choose a quality one made in New Zealand. Buying an off-shore helmet won’t save you any money, and you run the risk of buying a knock-off or a copy. You may also be exposed to scams and fakes if you’re not careful. And remember, your purchase won’t be covered by New Zealand’s Consumer Guarantees Act. Buying a helmet from a local store will not only save you embarrassment, but also support local motorcycle dealers.