Heavy Duty Swivel Wheels From Blickle

Heavy duty swivel wheels from Blickle offer high durability, low rolling resistance, and smooth rolling properties. Their pressed sheet steel construction and double ball bearing in the swivel head make them suitable for heavy-duty applications. In addition, they feature a stable central kingpin and are heat and corrosion-resistant.

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These heavy-duty swivel wheels are ideal for general-purpose trucks, platform trucks, and dollies. They feature hardened double ball races, a heat-treated king bolt, and cage-type hardened and ground roller bearings. They are a great replacement for older, less durable models. They can be welded to mild-steel construction for even greater durability, but will need grease to ensure smooth operation.

Heavy-duty swivel wheels and castors come in a wide range of sizes and weight capacities. You can choose from models with wheel diameters of up to 500 mm. Depending on the type of application, Blickle can also produce custom-fit solutions. Whether you need heavy-duty swivel wheels for a mobile assembly system or are in need of high-load capacity, Blickle can help.

Heavy-duty swivel wheels come in a variety of styles and materials. A swivel wheel can pivot 360 degrees and can support up to four tons of weight. These wheels are ideal for moving heavy objects or products in tight spaces. They can also be paired with heavy-duty fixed casters to keep your equipment stationary.

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